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Print Agent PRO

What Is Print Agent PRO?

Print Agent PRO is an advanced application that lets you to store files, read and print wirelessly to most of the WiFi, network and local printers, connected to a computer and shared for access in local network.
Print Agent PRO Test Wizard

How It Works

Print Agent PRO is the best way for you to print any document you want, including emails and email attachments, right from your iPad without any wires.

To test compatibility with your printer download free app Print Agent Lite.

Printer Test Wizard

Use the Test Wizard to view and test all shared printers in your local network. You can mark them for further use and select required printer from Print Settings window.

Get Files from Numerous Sources

Once installed Print Agent PRO appears in the “Open In…” list for many popular file types. This allows printing email attachments from Mail, documents stored in Dropbox, opened with Safari and popular Cloud storages applications. Also you can easily copy documents to Print Agent PRO over USB using iTunes File Sharing. One of the distinctive features of Print Agent PRO is the possibility to print such content as Web pages, Maps from the official app or even Text Messages.
Print Agent PRO File Manager

File Manager

Print Agent PRO contains a convenient file manager to get access to your documents, sort them, organize by folders, send by e-mail or delete if necessary.

You can transfer stored documents to any application that supports Open In..., such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote for editing. PDF files could be opened in iBooks for expanded reading experience.

New User Interface

With user friendly interface all activities are clearly visible – you can see whether the printing process started and can stop it in one tap if necessary.
Print Agent PRO Print Settings

Flexible Print Settings

Print Agent PRO provides two ways for printing your documents:
  • Choose Quick Print optinon to print with the default settings - document orientation, paper size according to your regional settings, printing to the currently selected printer.

  • Use Print Settings dialog to set all required settings and preview a document before printing.

With Print Agent PRO you can read, print and share:

  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents
  • Adobe PDF files
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
  • Pictures and Photos
  • Contacts list and vCards
  • Emails and Email attachments
  • Web pages
  • Documents from Dropbox or other cloud applications
  • Files from many other applications

If you have a shared local printer connected to MS Windows computer, please contact our technical support for solution. Find the list of supported printers at www.dar-soft.com/printers.

Print Agent PRO is powered by e-Workshop ePrint SDK.

Users say:

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Print Contacts

Print Contacts

You can print contacts which you placed in your iDevice Contacts folder. Moreover, you can select different styles for the print output – simple table or stylish business card.

Convenient Visualization

Convenient Visualization

The application have convenient and intuitive graphical user interface, which makes the tool very easy to use. Just install it and start working!

Preview the Output

Preview the Output

The ability to preview print output saves lots of paper for you, as regular system print dialog on iDevice doesn’t give you such possibility. Preview your document as it would be printed and adjust printing options such as – paper orientation or grayscale economic printing and define additional parameters like colon titles content.

Wireless Printing

Wireless Printing

Make you mobile iDevice even more mobile with our tool for wireless printing. It uses AirPrint technology officially announced by Apple and supported by a line of HP printers, making you free from wire connection to a printer. Sorry, but you still need to go to the printer to take the paper from its tray.

Variety of Formats

Variety of Formats

The tool supports lots of commonly used formats – MS Office, iWork, HTML and PDF as well as different photo and image formats. Moreover you can just print the clipboard content to get only required data from the document page!

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

This tool is really very easy to use. You just need to install it, open, select the required documents and start printing via your printer. Just check that your printer is turned on! Even if you don’t have an AirPrint enabled printer from HP, you may consult our technical support team and maybe we can solve your problem without additional spendings.


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