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PDF Forms

PDF Forms product iconWhat Is PDF Forms?

PDF Forms is designed to work with ready PDF documents, contracts and forms. This is a powerful tool for signing business papers, filling out forms, annotating and highlighting important or disputable parts. PDF Forms is especially recommended for handling everyday paperwork in Real Estate, Law, Insurance, Security Inspection, Customs, Marketing, Education.

How is it Used?

PDF Forms is aimed at easy signing of the legal documents, contracts, notices etc. Just save a copy of your signature and place it in a required area of a PDF document. To adjust the signature size you can resize it by simple dragging of the signature frame.

PDF Forms

Another function of the PDF Forms is filling PDF forms, which is especially useful for conduct business or educational surveys. Just open an empty form and tap on the required field to add text there. This is very easy and convenient.
You can also mark or comment the disputable paragraph or any part of the text or picture when discussing contract terms and making article reviews, or simply highlight the important place in the document.

Multiple Usage of Documents

PDF Forms allows to work with any PDF documents remaining the original copy untouched. You can either duplicate a file in the File Manager or save the edited document under another name with "Save as" option. It can be highly important for any person who shares PDF forms to be filled or receives documents for annotating. Thus you can be sure that any document won't be corrupted by inexperienced users or by mistake.

Internal File Manager

Internal File Manager allows you to organize your PDFs easily. For example, you can create separate folders depending on the recipient, document type or state, e.g. processed document or pending.
PDF Forms Manager


PDF Forms works with any PDF file received by email or via iTunes File Sharing, loaded from Dropbox folders and opened from any application which generates PDF files (such as PDF PROvider) using ‘Open in’ command. The same variety of options is available for documents sharing. To send several files you can archive them for your convenience.

Work with Complex Documents

Use PDF Forms to work with complex documents by splitting documents and changing pages order, so you can create new files from the previously generated.  For example, if you receive a complex form, after filling and signing its part, you can combine what was already processed into single PDF file and send it back

PDF Forms is powered by Readdle PDF SDK. More details are available at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Users say:

"Thank you to your team for a great product. This product adds great functionality for designers and user's of electronic PDF forms on iOS. Well done!"

Marcello Sabbioni,
Lead User Experience Designer

"After searching for a long time for a simple to use app for filling PDF forms on the iPad I finally found PDF Forms - and I'm very impressed! It does not only do very well what its name suggests, it is even capable of much more: to make notes on any PDF file and to rearrange page order very easily. It's a perfect solution for me and a real gain for my iPad!"

Reinhold Weber,

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Like a paper copy!

Like a paper copy!

PDF Forms provides all required tools for advanced commenting and annotating of any PDF document. Using this tool you can work with a digital document like with its paper copy! Add marks, text, notes, and so on!

Sign documents quick and easy!

Sign documents quick and easy!

Sign multiple documents quick and easy using your previously saved signature or get single-use signatures from recipients using Customer signature option!

Digital documents

Digital documents

Get high quality good-looking professional documents in digital format instead of inaccurate printed copies! Moreover, you can easily delete unneccessary notes and comments from a digital document!

Improved comments sharing

Improved comments sharing

Using PDF Forms you can not only to send a document as an attachment but automatically get the list of all notes, annotations and marks in the attached PDF document!

Separate processed parts

Separate processed parts

Split complex documents to save or share only processed parts or parts related to the recipient. This can be very convenient for work with different legal documents.

Desktop connectivity

Desktop connectivity

You can copy processed PDF documents to your desktop computer or laptop for future detailed analysis or improved edits.

Product line compatibility

Product line compatibility

Using other Dar-Soft applications you can print created PDFs without any wires right to your printer. Just check whether it’s compatible with wireless printing or connected to your Wi-Fi router. This makes your iDevice even more mobile!


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